Full booklet design and letters

DeKalb Public Library

Items printed were a die-cut custom folder, custom brochure, postcard, letterhead, envelopes, reply card, and bookmarks. Some products were used in a mass mailing and was carried out through our presort facility. 

Tails: Humane Society

booklet with posters design

Tails is one of the many non-profits that we work with in the area. With this project, we suggested going with an offset stock so that the texture within their design would translate well in print. This fun program was just one of many multi-part projects we helped them to produce. 

Full service book, business cards, poster, and mail

Burns Cronauer Brown LLP

We worked closely with the designers at OC Imageworks to make sure that their vision and their customers vision for their printed identity were spot on. Our color matching technology allowed us to provide them with a professionally polished end result.