Mailing & Lettershop Services

Mailing & Lettershop Services

Inkjet Addressing

Postal Presorting

As DeKalb County’s only Certified Presort Bureau by the United States Postal Service, we will process your First-Class or Standard Class mail programs to the lowest possible presort level – which saves you the maximum amount on postage expenditures. 

Laser Addressing

Using high-speed lasers, we address & barcode your postcards, envelopes, and self-mailers at 600dpi.

Laser Personalization

Provident can image your letters and mailers in black & white or color up to 13x19 sheets. Our technology allows you to use simple personalization of names and addresses or complex forms with hundreds of data points.

Folding, Scoring, and Perfing

From letter folds & half folds to Z-folds, gatefolds & French folds, we can handle many folding configurations. We can even accumulate, fold &nest multiple pages together. Additionally, we can score and perf your components to give them a professional finish. 

Machine Inserting

Hi-Speed inserting equipment allows us to machine insert #10 envelopes with up to 4 inserts or letters.

Hand Matching and Inserting

We can hand match multiple components to ensure a highly personalized mail program. Affixing and inserting of specialized components is also available. 


To meet USPS mailing regulations, Provident Direct will affix up to 3 tabs to securely seal and mail your newsletter, catalog, or self-mailer. 


Using our state-of-the-art intelligent meter, Provident can high-speed meter First Class or Standard Class postage for letters, large envelopes, self-mailers, and parcels. 


Recommended Stock: 

  • 111# Gloss or Silk Cover
  • 100# Offset Cover
  • 14pt Coated 1 Side
  • 16pt Gloss UV Front Side Matte Back 
    *Other Stock Options Available 
    *Minimum Quantities May Apply

Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM)

A low cost, high impact tool to attract new customers! Our Saturation mailers sizing are 6.25x9, 6x11, and 8.5x11. 

Recommended Stock: 

  • 111# Gloss Cover 
  • 111# Silk Cover 
  • 100# Offset Cover 
  • 111# Gloss Cover Matte Back 
  • 16pt Gloss UV Front Side Matte Back 
    *Other Stock Options Available 



Newsletters are one of our specialties. Once provided with the artwork we are able to impose multi-page newsletters in addition to adding the addresses and proper mailing information to be mailed to your recipients. Once printed, we fold, tab, and mail. 

Recommended Stock: 

  • 80# Gloss Text 
  • 70# Offset Text 
  • 60# Offset Text 

*Other Stock Options Available 
*Multiple Color Options Available